woman trying to be the first woman in spain to circumnavigate the world on a motorcycle.


Woman trying to be the first woman in Spain to circumnavigate the world on a motorcycle.


There is a Spanish woman called Alicia Sornosa who is trying to go around the world by motorcycle, if she achieves her goal she will be the first Spanish woman to do it. She says it is an experience that can’t be described with words. Alicia started her adventure in Madrid in September 2011, she has travelled more than 44 thousand km in five continents and she will finish her journey in Patagonia travelling from North to South America. The most difficult continent to ride through with a motorbike is Africa because its road network is not good enough and there are no signals, no lines and no hard shoulders. She talks about the beauty of Kenya’s landscapes and she says that the African people are the most generous and hospitable people in the world and they offer visitors some of their food even though they don’t have enough food for themselves.


The most chaotic country to ride through is India, the lights are off and cows graze at ease. She considers the “Great Ocean Road” in Australia one of the most beautiful roads in the world to ride with a motorcycle. In the United States she enjoyed the famous Route 66, it was like a roller coaster for her because there were many elevation changes.


Her journey will take almost a year and a half to complete. She is now in North America. She has completed most of her journey and we encourage and support her to complete the rest of this great adventure.


Good luck Alicia.

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10 thoughts on “Woman trying to be the first woman in Spain to circumnavigate the world on a motorcycle.

  1. Robert

    "Woman trying to be the first woman in Spain to circumnavigate the world mounted on a motorcycle."You can’t both be ‘in Spain’ and circumnavigate the world.In this context we say – ‘Spanish woman’Is she doing it on a ship? I think ‘circumnavigate’ is reserved for sailing.Is she actually riding the motorcycle? Is sounds like she’ll be strapped to the motorcycle while someone else drives.Robert

  2. silviajur

    @Robert. Of course she is a Spanish Woman and she rides the motorcycle. World circumnavigation is not only reserved for sailing, a global circumnavigation is a route which covers at least a great circle, and in particular one which passes through at least one pair of points antipodal to each other. It is possible to circumnavigate the world by Motorcycle, and to travel to one continent to another in a ferry or in a ship. It is also possible to circumnavigate the Earth by air.

  3. Alan Traister

    ‘First woman in Spain to circumvent the world MOUNTED ON a motocycle’ Robert writes: ‘Is she actually riding the motorcycle? Is sounds like she’ll be STRAPPED TO the motorcycle while SOMEONE ELSE DRIVES’The reason for Robert’s question comes from the title’s confusion resulting from a couple of ‘faux amis’: MONTAR in Spanish and TO MOUNT in English. Spanish English Montar a caballo = to Ride a horse Montar en moto = to Ride a motorcycle (Am) / motorbike (Br) Montarse en moto-caballo = to Mount/ to Get On a motocycle-a horse Subirse a moto-caballo = " " " " " [from ‘The Pockert Oxford Spanish Dictionary}Therefore, So, there is a good reason for Robert’s question. I believe the title should have been:’ Woman trying to be the first woman in Spain to circumnavigate the world ridding a motorcycle’Yours,Alan, Israel

  4. Jack

    Better: "LADY FROM Spain MAKES AN ATTEMPT to be the first woman to circumnavigate the world RIDING a motorcycle"And: " the lights are off and cows graze at ease" = streetlights are switched off [or "there are no streetlights", depending on what she means] and cows are roaming everywhere.Just some suggestions…nice article!

  5. Robert

    Not sure whether the reference to being pedantic refers to me. In any case, I’d presumed that whoever wrote the essay was hoping for a full and thorough critique and proper corrections – by a genuine native speaker with a feel for English. Certainly if I posted something up for correction I’d be expecting my essay to be pulled apart and any slight error to be noted. What we could do in future is just ignore any essay that is rough enough…

  6. silviajur

    I only ask for respect for everyone. Robert you are saying that my writings are rough enough, but if I knew how to write perfectly in English I wouldn’t send essays to this blog which is specially for learners. It is normaly for learners to make mistakes and some of the mistakes aren’t automatically corrected for different reasons, you should be more understanding.BikerBoy, I don’t want to be rude but why don’t you search your answer in a dictionary? or do you think dictionaries and encyclopedias are pedantic too?

  7. Robert

    silviajur… you must have me confused with someone else… where do I say that your writings are ‘rough enough’??Your slight errors were interesting enough to have created quite a bit of interest and discussion. If your writing were really bad no-one would bother focusing on the more tricky problems… first your gross errors would be pointed out. But your writing is of a high enough standard that the correctors can focus on the more tricky mistakes. No one is being disrespectful… It appears to me that all those that made corrections were quite neutral in their comments. Seems to me that bikerboy has created trouble with his unwarranted comments.


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