what is your favourite film of all time?


What is your favourite film of all time?


Have you ever seen a movie so many times that you know every line of the script by heart? For me it’s “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”. In this film a couple splits up, and the girl (played by Kate Winslet) decides to erase all her memories about her ex-boyfriend (who is Jim Carrey), which is possible thanks to a new kind of technology. When he finds out, he decides to do the same. But then they meet again, and they obviously don’t recognize each other. Will love triumph again…? This is an experimental movie: an attempt to talk about love in a way never tried before. Despite some little artificial details the experiment is altogether successful. I love it because of its realism: the characters talk, feel and act in the same way I would, if I were in their shoes.

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