salary cap


salary cap


I am very interested in the topic of “Salary Cap”. I think it’s a big issue because it lays the foundations for the distinction between right and wrong in our society. If I concede that a salary cap should be applied, I I am saying that men and women shouldn’t only be paid for their work but be compensated in other ways. In fact, it would be wonderful if, in the future, the compensation cap was reduced. It would be wonderful if, in the future, the compensation itself faded away and was replaced by a widespread feeling of friendship and kindness and love.
All these ruthless people rushing all the time to defeat their competitors and gain more and more money and more and more power, don’t realize that they are simply wasting their lives.
Moreover I think that the real forerunner shouldn’t be stimulated by money or whatever material gain or compensation.
The real forerunner can’t help but look for more innovative ways because his soul is always seeking something new. He is always seeking the Truth beyond the material world.
This is the reason why he is closer to some ancient prophets than to the businessmen we see on a daily basis in the great halls of power.

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