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#302 Steve and Alex – Multilingualism (Part 2)

How many languages do you know? What motivated you to learn a foreign language? In this podcast, Steve and Alex discuss the importance of motivation in learning a language and about the importance of promoting multilingualism.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Language
Duration:  6:24


Click here to listen to Multilingualism (Part 2).

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For an excerpt from the text, click below:

Alex:Really, you have to make an effort to improve. It’s hard work, but I think definitely it’s so rewarding.

Steve:Well, it’s rewarding once you achieve the goal, but it’s also rewarding if I’m sitting there reading a book on Czech history in Czech. I mean I’m saying wow, look at me, I’m reading about Czech history in Czech. That’s very rewarding. Also, it’s very good for the brain, but I don’t necessarily think that you deliberately force the brain to do anything. It’s the fact that the brain is having to some how struggle with and put labels on and figure out this new language. As you are reading stuff that’s interesting, as you’re listening to stuff that’s interesting, all of that is very good work for the brain, I hope.



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