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#301 Steve and Alex – Multilingualism (Part 1)

How many languages do you know? What motivated you to learn a foreign language? In this podcast, Steve and Alex discuss the importance of motivation in learning a language and about the importance of promoting multilingualism.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Language
Duration:  9:55


Click here to listen to Multilingualism (Part 1).

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For an excerpt from the text, click below:

Steve:Well, that’s right. Yeah, and it can beat back Alzheimer’s. But the whole point and the reason I think it’s worthwhile talking about this is like okay, let’s say your case for example. I’ve heard you. You speak very good Korean with very good pronunciation. You don’t look the part.

Alex:Not so much. No.

Steve:No. And there’s no particular reason from your background that you should do that, except that you had a very strong interest in it. That’s the point I want to talk about is how many people could be good speakers of more than one language if they really felt they could do it. I think a lot of people don’t believe they can do it.

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