120302 making 20,000 luminaries


120302 Making 20,000 Luminaries


A friend of mine living in Morioka, one of the areas struck by the catastrophic earthquake and Tsunami last 3/11, is helping out to make 20,000 milk carton luminaries for a memorial service that will be held on 3/11. The earthquake claimed 19,312 lives in the blink of an eye. These 20,000 luminaries are meant for each victim, and locals will sing the requiem at the ceremony. Lots of people have sent messages to decorate the luminaries, and some of them came from abroad. They want to express their gratitude for those who showed concern. She asked me to help spread the word about the event in English. I’ll ask English tutors and students from all over the world to share their words in support of their efforts to restore their town.

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