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my message on Benny's Facebook


my message on Benny’s Facebook
According to your advice, I have to focus on one language at a time for a certain period in order to reach C1 [note] or completely native level. However, it will take a long time for me to reach this level in English or French [note], but I want to learn the other language, too [note]. I think that there is a difference between absolutely natural level [note] and DALF C1 or C2. Some Japanese say, “even if one gets a perfect score on TOEIC, it is still difficult to reach an absolutely natural level”.
However I will focus on preparing for TOEIC (= a highly appreciated test in Japan) or DALF if I sign up for it [note]
The problem is that during my preparation time I want to listen to [news bulletins on] Radio France International in order to know what is happening in the world. For me, focusing on only one language at a time to reach a completely natural C2 level is highly impractical.

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