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Success means different things to different people. Why is it difficult to define. What constitutes real success in you


Success means different things to different people. Why is it difficult to define? What constitutes real success to you? When we talk about success very often we think about money. Perhaps it happens because money pays a big role in our life. In other words, we can say if someone has money this person is successful.
For some people the word success means being famous, for others it means being great at some specifc career. Yet for other people the word success means all together: having money, being good at one’s professional life, personal life, romantic life, health life and so on.
It is a very complex task to start looking for a definition of success, because in fact it can have many different meanings. Puting it in another way; some people can see themselves doing great at some time of their life, the same goes for their professional life for example. Where every one else could accept the fact those people had achieved great success in their life. Let us have a look at the life of a public person.The Oprah show, Oprah Winfrey is a very powerful, influential woman recognized over the world. She is greatly admired, She is convincing, persuasive, she learnt very well to get the public´s media love and appreciation with her speeches. This appreciation comes mostly from women. Oprah has built a huge fortune and has been a millionaire since her thirties. Having said that, most people consider her as a super successful woman. Most people do not even know about Oprah´s personal life. She has been being strongly criticised about her performance during the show and also about things concerning her personal life. Here we arrive at the point where we understand why success can have such a huge difference of meanings and interpretation for different people. Real success is a never endless process. It is a process of self knowledge,self awareness. You can not stop learning, the knowledge you have is never enough. Real success is also about creating value. It is all about creating opportunities.

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