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To speak a language, listen to it as much as possible


LingQ Writing Contest

submission by Tina0304

Hi, I’m Tina. My story begins years ago when I went to the cinema with a friend to see a foreign movie. I followed the action, I read the subtitles, I had no idea what language the actors were speaking and I didn’t even wonder. At some point my friend said: “These ones are French.” After the movie was over and we talked about it, she said: “It was an American movie”. I thought: “Wow! How can she know that?” I wished I could be like her. So, I started to do my homework for the English classes at school, writing lists with translated words, conjugations, tenses, irregular verbs. Still, when we were tired or bored, our 5th and 6th grade English teacher said: “Let’s sing!” Back then, it didn’t have any sense for my to sing the middle of the lesson, but after that I felt good. Since then, with all the other teachers, we never sang, we were too old and we couldn’t waste our time with such not serious things, so no songs or cassettes, back to the grammar book and the dictionary.
Since then I searched and I found the best way to learn a language. To speak a language, listen to it as much as possible. Also, to write well, read as much as you can.
Listen, I didn’t know these things from the beginning and I thought that if I did what my teachers required, then I would say if a movie is American, British, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Korean, because that was my goal. I didn’t know other way and I spent so much money on “English without a teacher”, “French in 30 days” and “Learn to speak German” and these are all books. How can you learn to speak a language without hearing it?
I decided to try another way: just enjoy. So, I listened the songs I liked so many times that I learned them by heart, l watched my favorite cartoons, sitcoms, soap operas, movies and TV shows. This way, learning English changed me in so many ways, it gave me courage and power to change my life, because, guess what? I’m coming to Canada this year. As a permanent resident. This is my most important reward.

So, dare to learn languages because this way, you can shape your own destiny!  


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  • synthpaintann
    February 24, 2013 at 10:37 am

    So, dare to learn languages because this way, you can shape your own destiny! I couldn’t agree more. What an inspiring read.. this has been

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