my stubborn successful son


My stubborn successful son


My son Thomas he’ll turn 30 in two years is rather stubborn but also successful. Nine years ago, he told us about his desire to go to Berlin to attend a Computer school. At that time he had just 2 years before facing the Abitur. His only desire was to leave school, to leave Austria and to start at his new private University. After this school he would have the best chances to get really good jobs in the whole world. His brother told him he shouldn’t be so crazy to leave school and give up the Abitur because he never would have this easy possibility to get the final examination. For that private university he didn’t need the exam so he didn’t care about.
But he gave up and started the autumn term of high school. Months later, the University wrote him a letter because they had openings for the spring term. Naturally, because you need a little fortune to attend this school, he again started to please us to give him the possibility and the money for this school. He was so unhappy here so fed up with his school that we agreed to fly together to Berlin to look at this special school. It was an exciting day that resulted with Thomas leaving his high school in January and intended to start the new school in February.He turned 18 exactly on the day of his flight to Berlin, two days after he’d gotten his driver’s license. . Now he has grown up. The following 3 years he was very ambitious and finished school very successfully. He did completely right beeing so stubborn. Now he lives in the US and works for Dreamworks and I am so proudly about him.

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