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New experiences This summer I had a really bad experience with a new staff member in my restaurant, a young girl, let’s call her A coming directly out of school. At the beginning it seemed she was quite good, nice, polite and committed to her job. But after a while, it turned out, that she couldn’t work under stress. She blocked herself and couldn’t understand why her colleagues talked to her with an allegedly angry voice. She felt victimized by her elder colleagues. I talked with her and cleared up the misunderstanding, and said that it was just because of the stressful situation and it is normal and nothing for her to feel upset about. Apparently she understood and worked some days without problems. Just under stress, we had to be very carefully with her.
A short time later, a new staff member was hired, let’s call her B and the situation turned around.This new girl knew what to do and did her job really well. The supposed victim A turned around and acted very badly and angrily with the new staff member and treated her in an unpleasant way.She was unable to comprehend that this new girl B simply knew how to work without a lot of questions. She was annoyed about the fact, that B was handling situations as if she had been working forever here. B also knew how to handle the unpleasant situation between A and her. After an unnecessary clash between A and B I tried again to clear up the situation but the difference in opinion between the two was too great. They continued working together but there was a pretty frosty mood atmosphere between them and a reconciliation was impossible. A few days later the situation escalated and I couldn’t do otherwise than to ask her to leave. Our normally pleasant working atmosphere has since returned.

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