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Reasons You Should Learn a Language


LingQ Writing Contest submission by Klbooks

Reasons You Should Learn a Language

If you ask the same personal question to a hundred people, the one hundred answers you will receive won’t be the same one. “What are the most important rewards of learning another language?” is a personal question; it will change with each person you ask.

Like with all personal reasons, the personal rewards for learning a different language will vary. One person may say that they love a language–they find it so interesting, so fascinating, it just pulls them in and leaves them yearning for more knowledge of it. Another person may be trying to return to the roots of their ancestry, and they love being able to connect with one of their predecessors, to be able to use some of the exact same words a passed relative might have used, to be able to just understand that person better by tying a string between them of something they have in common. Yet another finds it rewarding just to be able to say that they can speak another language, and it fills them with overwhelming pride, creates self confidence, and just makes them feel good about themselves.

Others are language enthusiasts, or linguists, taking significant pride in learning what they love what to learn. People can communicate so much better when they speak in the same tongue, and that is what some may strive for. People can also reach for being able to communicate with people of another language–another culture–in their normal lives, for being able to make someone from a foreign country feel at ease when they talk to you, and not have to puzzle over what to say. Just speaking their native language can make someone else’s day not quite so difficult, and that in itself can be a great feeling.

The reasons will go on and on, stretching infinitely. And in many, if not most, cases, it’s not just one of the aforementioned, it’s a mixture. I myself am one of the people who have acquired a billion different reasons for why I love to learn other languages, many of which are listed above. To each person, the most important rewards of learning another language will change, but is it not most important to know that it does something rewarding?  


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