a question about copyrighting


A question about copyrighting


I make lessons from TV series (“Friends” and “Hannah Montana”) for me and my daughter. I extract audio and look for subtitles on the Internet. Then I clean those subtitles up from any unnecessary numbers (one Lithuanian guy made a tool for this purpose) and then I import them into LingQ. That’s it! The lesson is ready. It looks like this:


“There’s nothing to tell.
lt’s just some guy I work with.
You’re going out with the guy.
There has to be something
wrong with him.
All right, Joey.
Be nice.
So does he have a hump
and a hairpiece?
Wait, does he eat chalk?
l don’t want her to go through
what l did with Carl.
Okay, everybody relax.”


Because of the short lines it’s very convenient to read. It’s interesting and funny and the voices are excellent. I’m very excited to learn from these materials. The question is – can I share this content?


By the way, the tool for cleaning subtitles is – http://tinyurl.com/3smjlty

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