Hi, I have been quite excited and happy about using LingQ. I have been a plus member for a short time and I am really trying to use the site and familiarize myself with all its features.
I have tried to get some feedback on the forum and have written a little for some tutors, but I am finding that my learning process is a little bit slower than I would have liked (I wonder why the tutors take so long to send corrections). I have the feeling I am paying for something that I could get much more from, if you know what I mean. This is not only to complain, maybe it is just because I am feeling frustrated because I was expecting better and faster results of myself,as I wake up everyday at 5:45 am and start listening to audiobooks and go to the university and continue listening to audiobooks. On occasions when I am not engaging in listening activities, I am able to read books, and I have to say that the last 2 months have been quite intensive following such studying schedules. I really try to discipline myself and to concentrate full time on my goal, which is to became fluent in English. So all the free time I have is allocated in some way to improving my English, even though I get a lot of complaints from my partner who says that I am crazy with all that lingQing! It is an addiction; what with having to manage my time looking after my 3 year old son as well. Sometimes I have the feeling, that it’s OK for me to spend the amount of time I spend on studying (but of course, I did have contact with the language before, through self-studies). On other hand I think I could do much better, because I am following all the recommendations Steve offers, and the additional good ideas and advice from experienced professionals who work in the field of education, who more or less have the same approach that Steve has.


Now I have decided to take 2 courses at the open university where I live, both of which are conducted in English,(before I studied psychology for 3 years at University in my native language) so I know it’s a tough call. With the little knowledge I have, which comes largely from self-studying, I chose to opt for International Business Organizational behavior and leadership short courses, and I can say I am “struggling” quite a bit. It has been quite “tricky” to analyse the study cases (essays) and write up the material. I have to spend hours (3, 4, 5, or 6 hours) reading, digesting, or writing. I notice that most students, although they are not native English speakers, speak quite good English; I would say about 80% of them do. They seem to understand pretty well almost everything teacher says because they give reasonably good answers and comments. OK maybe they have just spent more time in contact with the English language than me, but here I want concentrate on the use of lingQ now. When I write I notice that my points are running out and then I have to buy more, and pay more, which is “unfair”. They should make it better for plus members because I thought that was the whole point: to pay more but have the freedom to write texts and sign up for conversations. It does not make any sense,if we want to get feedback we have to go to the forum (or the blogs) and then wait for I don’t know how many days for someone to answer you. I thought that after becoming paying members we would have more support, but it looks like it really doesn’t matter much whether we are basic or plus,we just receive letters asking for more, for something extra to keep on using the site. I am little disappointed, not just because of not being able to allocate more time, which has been almost impossible for me, but because I would like to get help from some tutors in correcting my English for some of the study cases I have to do by next week I am starting to get worried that I will have to pay extra money for some teacher, because there are about 2 pages and I’ll have to buy more points. Additionally, I never know when I will get the correction; is it because I don’t know how to use the site???


I would like do more without having to pay more than I am already paying.


I want speed up my learning process and learn faster, I want to improve my pronunciation and understand better. I want to be able to digest texts, read and make notes more quickly, and be capable of writing texts without having to always check words in google translate (but not here, I haven’t checked here). When writing cases there shouldn’t be any mistakes, here I know I am studying English, I can make mistakes). I want to understand at least 99% or 100% of what the teacher says, and be capable of expressing my thoughts and ideas faster when taking part in group activities. I want to be able to pass the English language test and be accepted at University and start studying for a degree in International Business in the next year, in 2012. What do you think? Is it a realistic goal with the English level I have? I know you cannot evaluate everything from here, but let’s say just making a…..what word could I use a “guess”; a “tentative” guess? Anyway I hope I can get some insights and constructive feedback.


Thank you Juliana

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