nothing is impossible


LingQ Writing Contest submission by asad100101

I’m from Pakistan. My native language is URDU. English is my second language and I’m currently learning it. The rewards of learning another language you won’t appreciate if you are learning it in your home country.
You will feel like you are chasing after an empty dream/goal. Now I have traveled two countries(Thailand and Malaysia) on my own outside my native country and it was a breeze all the way from airports to hotels to restaurants and I never faced any issues during my stay because I could communicate not perfect yet but still decent and I had a great time exploring things in alien countries (at least for me I was a first time traveler). It took me two days to make new friends and assimilate in a new system. Because of my language abilities I could take a bird’s view on the whole city and could take a mental picture of it. I was able to gain new perspective about life from different kinds of people than those of mine.
I gained confidence, I became stronger mentally, I did everything on my own. I developed “nothing is impossible” sort of attitude. The whole world looked so beautiful because I could communicate in a new language. These are the rewards of learning a new language and it has further motivated me to improve on my previously acquired skills and benefit more in terms of communication. There you have it, my personal experience right from the hip.

(Written by Asad Khan, Karachi, Pakistan) 



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