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The Many Benefits of Learning a Language


LingQ Writing Contest submission by dianesidad

Benefits of learning a language
The quantity of rewards is infinite, you will have a huge improvement of your culture and this is only one of the benefits, and that is going to bring brain health because you have to study and learn a lot of things that are going to give you the strength that you need to be one of the best. What about the cells they will be alert and you’ll be in the capacity to understand a lot of new things. You’ll wield the sword of the intelligence with the sapience of the wise and will help the others to do and be better. The motion of your thoughts working as a machine will give you no opportunity to do wrong things driving you into the right way.

Of course that this is going to bring you the welfare in your life because you will share this with so many friends and this is going to make happy a lot of people too. There are as you see, just benefits for you, the knowledge will involve a lot of beautiful things that will change your life and this things will be turn into great moments for you. And suddenly you will see how lovely is life and to know that you have something that can help the others. Thinking about you imagine the happiness of being the bearer of good news wherever you go and giving your friendship without any impairment because you have the tools that make you understand and live with those people and show them the thousand things that you know and can tell to them. So good so well, your feelings will be high quality and so soon you’ll be able to understand the problematic of the world and having the weapons to solve a lot of things and of course without any fear because you know what exactly are you doing. Like an athlete you will want to improve all the days what you know and this is unbelievable and all this just practicing and learning a new language, something that hides a lot of new things that you are going to discover, that is going to move all the fibers of your body because you will bring the knowledge with you. Is going to give you the preparation that you need and a lot of things more that you are going to have in your life for your own happiness.  


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