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Learn a Language and Grow Your Network


LingQ Writing Contest submission by vrsaratov

Learn a Language and Grow your Network
My name is Vladimir. I’m from Russia.
First most important reward of learning English is opportunity to understand and to feel deeply feelings different people in different countries. You can travel everywhere and speak with people on their language and may be one day you will meet your destiny or love of your life. Also you can make friends in different countries and travel abroad and meet friends everywhere and have fun with them.
Second reward of learning another language is that you can find new relationship for the business or for your current work. When you start study new language, you will feel new feelings because you do something new in new way and it will so exciting such new love.
In conclusion i want to say, if you think start study new language or not, you should try and then you understand that it was a good choice.

Thank you! Have a good experience of study new language! 



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