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LingQ Writing Contest submission by MonasMoon

I think there are many benefits of learning foreign languages. For me it is especially the possibility to communicate with people from other countries since I love to get to know different nationalities, also there is the asset of being able to travel around the world without worrying not to be able to understood people.
And for those who love to travel and do not want to rely on people who can speak foreign languages, for example English – since this is the language most likely major part of world`s population can speak – this is very important.
Another asset for me is my family. I have two cousins in USA, and without English I won’t be able to communicate with them either.
Next one is importance for my career. Nowadays when countries are more and more cooperating, communicating, you have to be able to speak at least one foreign language and here in Europe the best is English and German and also Spanish or French. If you want to get a good job, foreign language is a “must have”.

So I mentioned work, traveling, family and the last very important thing of being able to speak English fluently is that I can watch movies, TV shows, news in English, I can read magazines and English books in original, because what I hate about watching TV translated in my language or translated books is how much in the process of translating them they loose from they value. You can laugh but I think that is true, the original thoughts of the movie or book sound many times different. And now when my English is great, at least I think so, I am watching movies and reading books only in English. 


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