why is it worth to learn foreign languages?


LingQ Writing Contest submission by andy1

We live in times that are characterized by constant change. Thirty-odd years ago hardly anyone heard of computers, to say nothing of the Internet. The development of human race did not depend so heavily on the speed of communication as today. New inventions, ideas even discoveries took many years to be part of our daily life, mainly because of very slow means of distribution. The Internet has changed it all. If we have enough motivation, curiosity and imagination we can skip conventional methods of education and owing to different community websites, social portals and skype – like software we can make use of our world’s treasures almost instantly.
However, there is one obstacle on the road for gold. We can see valuable stuff, but in order to appreciate and taste it, first and foremost we have to understand it. That understanding is like jumping on the train heading for a better, more interesting life. You may stay where you are, but be prepared that the feeling of inadequacy will come over you, sooner or later. There is no escape, no side inroads. How would you feel if you spoke a language that no one could understand? Weird, to say the least.
You may protest at this point and say “It suffices that I know my native language. Why bother to learn another?”
It is like reading by the dim light of only one bulb. You may have trouble finding the right page, understanding the sequence of implied messages and, more likely than not, you will miss something. Something that may be decisive for your life. Columbus would not have gone down to history if he had missed  his America. Luckily, he had the right tools to steer him through the vast, fast changing waters. Do you have the right tool to go with our fast changing world?

Learning languages is no longer a folly or a kind of whim. It is a must. Is it achievable to master a language in a relatively short time? Absolutely so. Find how adults learn languages, look for trustworthy testimonials and follow through. Do not miss your America. 


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