learning languages means happiness in your life


LingQ Writing Contest submission by eusebio_llupi

I speak fluently 5 languages and I am currently learning Russian and Portuguese.
I would like to tell everybody that learning a language MEANS WIDENING THE CHANCE TO GRASP THE WORLD.
I do mean it. I am not a very smart person, meaning by this that I was never an A student but the fact that I was risen bilingually and I went on to learn other languages made it possible for me to understand more cultures and I now truly feel a global citizen and this is wonderful and something that will give you lots of good feelings even when one might have personal troubles at work or when (and that includes nearly everyone) one is experiencing status anxiety.
Apart from the joy I see the activity of learning a language the best way to add more value to oneself as far as job seeking is concerned.
I want to emphasize that I very often realize how lucky I am to be able to watch many programmes on TV or videos for example on Youtube without having to limit myself to only one or two languages. And every time I realize that I feel sorry for everybody who cannot enjoy the same due to language limitations.
Remember! You already speak your mother tongue – a foreign language means just adding up to it by following a program. And the key is to take it LITTLE BY LITTLE B U T E V E R Y D A Y ! ! ! without skipping a day if possible.
Don’t learn more than 20 minutes a day – or if you are diligent enough and determined to learn a language and you want to put 60 minutes a day for learning THEN DIVIDE IT IN 3X20 minutes. DON’T do the whole hour. It will tire you soon!!!!
I am a most happy person and I have to thank the range of languages I can understand and express myself in. AND NOW YOU MIGHT THINK I’M EXAGGERATING BY SAYING THAT I WOULD RATHER SPEAK MORE LANGUAGES THAN BE A RICH PERSON. But that it true for me. Learning languages means HAPPINESS IN YOUR LIFE!!



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