the refreshing nature of language learning


LingQ Writing Contest submission by SilverFOX

  I think that learning another language is vital to the mind’s ability to renew a refreshment of outlook and increase intrigue towards what are ‘new frontiers’ of thought and possibilities.  
Learning a language has broadened my mind to learn the music of that culture whether Russian, Ukraine, Icelandic where I love more their equestrian (Icelandic horse)  more than what I thought I would only love , as a breed of horse, before, which were Arabian horses I have personally owned; however,  learning languages shows other things I love just as much far beyond what I thought or assumed was the whole world and the “this was it” previously or prematurely concluded; rather, like travel the more you do of it the more life continues to show beauty and insights far beyond one’s own previous exposure & experience if just left to dawdle in one’s own environs with no further impetus to allow one’s reach to exceed their grasp.
Learning new languages has broadened my meetUP list in my own community. I use to only meet with financial-related aspects re: those kind of clubs more monetary gain related. Instead I meet now , in addition, various language clubs where I have meet multi-lingual people all the time.
When i took German, at my local college, I met Dave McClarly, our instructor, back then, in the Summer of ’09,  he knows Russian and German, and he is one of the most fascinating individuals I  have ever met & usually with multi-linguists I find so predominant and consistent with them, also, a cheerful disposition and generally prevailing humor all of which blesses life with good cheer and further enjoyment. As I say, it is refreshing! When a person gets a taste of languages then linguistics becomes a regular part of the human dynamic and when you see its value then you cannot  go back , again, where you were before only forward when once you allow the mind to be stretched and receive the languages that teach you in ways you had no idea until you took steps in that direction to try with some initiative to undertake what was never before considered.  

Learning a new language will help a person to speak even better their own language with more contemplative thought and added flourish!


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