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LingQ Writing Contest submission by PhilipFan

Learning another language has given me a lot of benefits professionally, socially and personally.

Language learning has given me fun and the confidence to learn other languages. To illustrate this, let me tell you my story. I started learning a foreign language which is English when I was a child. At first, I was put into school and tuition using the traditional method of learning such as doing textbook drills, analyzing sentences, translation rules and memorizing vocabularies. Frankly, I didn’t enjoy them. However, there were also “cartoon time” and “music time”, and I had always yearned for it. As a child, I enjoyed them so much, and when I just listened to interesting and stimulating English content, I almost forgot that I was learning another language. While I am in this state, I feel great. So learning a language has given me fun and the opportunity to develop confidence to learn more languages.

I have to admit that I choose to learn English because I want to have higher education in more prestigious education systems such as the systems in United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore and United Kingdom . I want to have the opportunity to expand my horizon by adventuring in a foreign country and study. I want to get brighter and better future that otherwise I won’t have. So English has given me a ticket to more inspiring and exciting future.

Nowadays, English is widely used as an international language. The explosions of media channels and technology have allowed me to have the opportunity to connect with modern tribes all over the world. This has increased every person in a tribe a leverage in almost all organizations- the opportunity to lead. As Seth Godin has mentioned in his book “Tribes “, everyone now can be a leader. Whether someone wants to be a leader or not, now it is not the matter of possibility – it is the matter of choice. I agree with Seth Godin. Now I have the privilege of connecting with every person regardless of his or her nation, culture and religion. Now I have the opportunity to learn and connect with each other. Now I have the leverage to lead. And I have always derived immense satisfaction from being able to connect with people all over the world using English as a tool.

In a nut shell, learning English has given me more fun and the confidence to learn other languages, the opportunity to connect with international tribes and the ticket to exciting higher education.


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