a trip to canada: exploring vancouver


A trip to Canada


Because my husband attended a conference in Vancouver, I went there as his companion.
While my husband participated in it every day, I explored the town.


My husband’s presentation was set up to start in the afternoon on the last day of the conference. He practiced it over and over again until then in the hotel, so he could not do sightseeing in the city. He was nervous. I also couldn’t enjoy the trip from my heart because his tension spread to me. Before starting his presentation, I went out from the hotel alone to relieve my concern, and I walked to the Vancouver Art Gallery with the help of a map. When I was about to enter the entrance, the officer who resembles an actor, Steven Seagal, talked to me in Japanese. He told me he lived in Japan twenty years ago. We chatted with each other in both Japanese and English at the entrance. I was happy to have an enjoyable opportunity to talk with a person who lives in Vancouver. My husband successfully finished his presentation. On the night before we left, just in case, I tried to ring the alarm clock located in the room. It kept on ringing. I couldn’t stop it. So, I rushed to the receptionist and asked her to stop the alarm. A mechanic came to our room. He replaced the broken clock with a new one. I enjoyed Vancouver.

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