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#292 Steve and Alex – Starting from Scratch (Part 1)

Steve and Alex talk about good ways to start learning a language from scratch and share their experiences.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Language
Duration:  11:05


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Steve: I know that if I keep washing these words over me, listening to them, reading them, reviewing them, that they will eventually stick because that has happened to me in all these other languages, so I’m confident. Like I’m climbing up this mountain, I know I’m going to reach the peak.

Alex: Yeah.

Steve: Someone who hasn’t done this before is gee, I wonder how far it is. Am I going to make it? I’ll never get anywhere. I’ll get stuck. I’ll get lost. So they have all these kinds of apprehensions, which I don’t have.

But, yeah, with Portuguese it took me forever, listening to Living Language, listening to Teach Yourself. I went to Portugal and I really couldn’t understand what people were saying. Although, I could read the newspaper, it’s largely the same, right? Whereas, now I feel after 10 days I’m very confident that in a year from now if I go to Prague I’ll be able to communicate.



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