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LingQ Writing Contest submission by llexier

There are several major benefits of learning another language: being able to practice my new skills when I hear French being spoken on the bus or street, listening to them speak French and see how much I understand of their conversation, listening to French music and seeing how much I understand of each song, listening to the radio in French, watching the news in French on TV, reading novels and literature in the original French, developing my social network to include francophones, bettering my job opportunities, learning about French culture, and feeling at ease when traveling to Quebec or France, etc.
Learning languages has always been one of my biggest hobbies. I first was interested in languages as early as age six when I heard my parents’ friends speak different languages when they came to visit us. I got fascinated with French, Yiddish, Hebrew, and Russian. My mom knows a bit of Yiddish, so that got me into learning Yiddish from a record that I borrowed from the library during my grade 7 school year; I wanted to practice my Yiddish with her and her parents. I also enjoyed learning Hebrew at the same time after starting my bar mitzvah training at the Shara Tzedek Synagogue. In grade 8, I started getting into French from French 8 to French 12 Literature. After high-school, I kept up with my French and Hebrew mostly. In the late 1980’s I started getting into German and the early 1990s I started learning Spanish. To this day, my best foreign languages with a rating from 1 (very very beginner) to 10 (very very advanced) are French (3), Hebrew (3), Spanish (2), and German (2). I have studied Hebrew and French for 35 years, but Spanish and German for only 4 years. But learning Spanish and German was more intensive, since they were learned at university.
With French, when reading or listening to the news, I get to learn the perspective from a Québécois or French perspective. I hope to master my French, so that one day it will come in hand with my work and working with people in Vancouver, Canada. Until then, learning more French will just be an interest like learning other languages.


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