rewards of learning languages!!


LingQ Writing Contest submission by anikarocks

Different languages can be needed at any time. For example if you are a lifeguard and the person you have to save only speaks Russian. Then how would tell him or her to calm down and kick your legs? You wont be able to !   Another reward of speaking different languages is that you will have so many friends because you can speak their language. Plus if you know different languages you can have a job as a translator which can be so much fun.

But remember learning a language doesn’t take two minutes you have to train for a year or so just to learn the basics. Luckily you can use LingQ an utterly amazing website that helps you learn different languages. It helped me learn French “Bonjour Je m’appelle Anika e le couler prefere violet e j’ai un 9 ans” and it helped me also improve on my Russian skills so now i can communicate with relatives perfectly! Everybody I know loves LingQ.
But learning languages isn’t just for emergencies and jobs, it’s also fun. Learning a language doesn’t mean learning boring grammar of by heart but you can learn a language by games, arts and also by using the internet. That’s what my lovely French teacher Madame Cairns told me about Lingascope and about LingQ.
Thank you LingQ your site isn’t just adored by adults and by kids too.

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