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#291 Steve and Alex – Language Learning Proverbs

Steve and Alex continue their discussion on how various different proverbs can be applied to language learning.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Language
Duration:  11:58


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Alex: Yeah. Cool. Here’s another one, “Strike while the iron is hot.” Speaking from personal experience, there are moments where I feel super motivated to do something and there are moments where I feel completely unmotivated to do it. But the idea of “strike while the iron is hot”, I think this can be applied in the sense of if you’re motivated to do something, at that moment you start. You do it. You make your best effort to make that a habit so that then when maybe your motivation is staring to kind of dwindle that you still have this as a habit. You’ve set it in stone while you were motivated and you can continue on even when you don’t feel motivated.

Steve: I fully agree and I would add two comments. One is that when you are motivated, because our motivation does fluctuate, then you should just go at it until that motivation peters out. If it means three hours, four hours that day, just go at it. You’re in the mood.

The other thing is, as you say, if we take advantage of when we’re motivated, we can develop some good habits which will tide us over when we’re a little bit less motivated. So, in both senses we’re taking advantage of a situation and we’re striking while the iron is hot.



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