#287 steve and alex – coarse language

Steve and Alex talk about coarse language, why some people like to use it and what it represents to different people.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Everyday Life
Duration:  10:10


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Alex: Yeah and that’s an interesting thing, too, it is cultural. It’s not just the language, too, because when my sister was in the U.K. she said people much more actively use swear words and it’s much more common place. Whereas, in Canada and the United States people often hold their tongue and are more reserved in that regard.

Steve: I mean, yeah. And I think that sometimes people from a different culture don’t realize the effect it has. Like we had a visitor from Sweden on business and he felt that what we call the “F-bomb” in English was equivalent to devil, which is “fan”, which is the F-bomb if you want it in Swedish.


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