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#285 Steve and Alex – Russia

Steve and Alex talk about Steve’s first trip to the Soviet Union, his experience learning Russian and his planned trip to Russia.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Travel
Duration:  11:36


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Steve: My passport, sorry, yeah. So then I had to get a new Canadian passport. I’m leaving next Tuesday and I’m hoping that I get my passport back from Ottawa from the Russian Embassy via this company that I had to pay a fortune here too, so a bit of a kafuffle.

Alex: Yes.

Steve: However, I mean St. Petersburg, Leningrad is going to be phenomenal. It’s a phenomenal city. I’ve read Dostoevsky and Anna Karenina where they go back and forth between Moscow and St. Petersburg and stuff, so to walk around there and to take that in and to meet people. And then I’m taking a high-speed train from St. Petersburg to Moscow.

Alex: Oh, okay.

Steve: Yeah, it leaves at 7:00 in the morning. I mean it’s just going to be phenomenal. I’m really, really looking forward. And I think that’s the ultimate reward when you learn a language is to have an opportunity to go to the country.


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