#284 steve and alex – language and travel (part 2)

Steve and Alex discuss language learning and travel, including Alex’s recent trip to Korea, Steve’s recent trip to Europe and what it means to learn a foreign language in your own country.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Travel
Duration:  8:24


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Steve: Yeah, which gets back to your earlier point. There has to be a genuine social desire to connect with people. You can’t use people as free tutors.

Alex: Yeah and I think that was my experience in that I didn’t want to meet these people so that I could improve my Korean, but I genuinely wanted to hang out with them, spend time with them, be friends with them.

Steve: Right, right.

Alex: Right. And so it made it less of a burden of, you know, my Korean sucks and more like hey, I want to talk to you so let’s work through our bad language skills and continue to grow.

Steve: Right. And because they’re your friends they would have a little more patience than if you just accosted them on the street.


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