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#282 Steve and Alex – Tiger Moms (Part 2)

Steve and Alex discuss Amy Chua’s article about Tiger Moms.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Culture
Duration:  9:11


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Alex: Yeah. Now, I’ll bring up a story of a close friend of mine in high school. He was Korean-American born in the United States, but his parents were both from Korea and had immigrated 25 years ago or something like that. Anyway, his mom was the typical Tiger Mom, I guess. She wasn’t as strict, but at the same time he grew up playing piano, playing violin, for how ever many years. I don’t even know how many years it was, probably at least a dozen years of each and by the time he graduated high school he had a senior recital, which was just him doing all his instruments, including his piano, including his violin.
But, about three years before that he had picked up the guitar and that was something that he really enjoyed. He became passionate about the guitar and so as soon as he finished his senior recital he dropped violin, he dropped piano and he says okay, I’ve accomplished what my parents wanted me to accomplish with this.
Now he continues to play the guitar, continues to sing and, really, I think he benefits from that musical exposure, but at the same time it goes to show that his parents wanted him to do these things. But, in fact, now that he has more freedom he says I don’t want to do those. I want to do this. I enjoy this more.


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