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#281 Steve and Alex – Tiger Moms (Part 1)

Steve and Alex discuss Amy Chua’s article about Tiger Moms.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Culture
Duration:  10:14


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Steve: Okay, playing the piano. I took piano lessons. I hated them. I was allowed to quit at the age of 12. To some extent, I regret that I didn’t continue playing piano, but I just couldn’t play piano when my friends were out playing football or hockey, right? So my mother, she actually forced me for quite a few years. There was a lot of pressure. Maybe she was a Tiger Mom. Eventually she just gave up.

But, the point is to some extent doesn’t the parent have to force. Is there not a requirement to put pressure on the kids to do certain things that are in their interest, playing piano, learning a language, I don’t know, being nice to the neighbors? I mean whatever, it depends on the kid. Obviously, if the kids are well behaved that’s fine. If your kids are out, you know, vandalizing the neighborhood that’s another problem.



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