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#280 Steve and Alex – More English Proverbs and Language Learning (Part 2)

Steve and Alex discuss various English proverbs and how they can be applied to language learning.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Language
Duration:  9:22


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Alex: I can speak about that in my own personal experiences with my foreign languages that I’m learning. Is that sometimes when I doubt my ability, I find those are the times that I perform the worst, but when I have the confidence and the faith that I’m able to do it then I surprise myself a lot of the time.

Steve: And it is true that we surprise ourselves. When we go in there and it’s like we’re just going to do it, you know, we just jump on that diving board. We’re going to do our triple flip, half gainer or whatever, land in the water and, just totally, without any sense of anxiety, we’re surprised. Wow! I said that? Where did that phrase come from? Where did that word come from?

So, yeah, I think we are all capable of speaking better and doing better and we all have a degree of anxiety. There is no language learner without anxiety. I feel much more comfortable speaking English then speaking any other language.


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