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#278 Steve and Alex – English Proverbs and Language Learning

Steve and Alex discuss various English proverbs and how they can be applied to language learning.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Language
Duration:  17:13


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Steve: …and once you start in a language, even if you are sort of lukewarm about the language and I’ve had this experience before, the more you get engaged with the language.

Korean is a good example. I mean Korea is not the biggest country in the world and it’s certainly not the best-known culture in the world, but the more I get into Korean the more I can’t let go because it starts to grab you. So to someone who’s not involved with Korean, Korean may seem an insignificant language, maybe not a particular beautiful language, but as you get engaged with it then you get turned on and so beauty is in the eye or the ear of the beholder or the listener.

Alex: Well put. So here’s another which says “Better late then never.” I think this is really important and it’s the idea of you can learn a language whenever. Like you don’t have to be seven years old or four years old or 14 or anything like that. You know you, as an example, Steve. Now you’re 65 and you’re continuing on.

Steve: I’m not getting any younger.

Alex: Exactly, but continuing on just as you were before.

Steve: Oh, yeah.

Alex: But I think, you know, as an encouragement to people who may be in their adulthood, midlife or even older that it’s better to learn a language late than to never learn it at all.


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