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#277 – Steve and Alex – Tablet

Steve and Alex talk about the iPad, the tablet and how it might affect the future of learning.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Education
Duration:  16:35


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Steve: It’s interesting. So, we are investing more and more money. I mentioned in some discussion, I think, about the book The Rational Optimist where Matt Ridley points out that the cost of just about every product we consume – agricultural products, consumer products, industrial products – all these costs have gone way down, like a fraction of where they were and, of course, the speed of travel and we’re feeding twice as many people. Everything has improved except education, which costs more and more with poorer and poorer outcomes or at least no significant improvement in outcomes.

Alex: Right.

Steve: Furthermore, the education, which is the largest item in the budget of many countries, is still targeted primarily at that under-20 age group between elementary, high school and university. So they’re not even taking that public education budget and spending it on the whole population, but we know that we continue to learn throughout our lives.

Alex: Yup.

Steve: So I think that the electronic tablet has tremendous potential.

Alex: I think it really opens up the doors for a lot of people to pursue things that previously weren’t accessible, I mean for a working professional.





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