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# 276 – Steve and Alex – Christmas

Steve and Alex talk about the Christmas holidays and what each of them have planned during the Christmas break.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Culture and Religion
Duration:  14:40


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For an excerpt from the text, click below:

Steve: What season is it?

Alex: It’s Christmas.

Steve: It’s Christmas. First of all, Christmas is, I guess, more of a family event versus New Year is more of a party, go out with your friends event, right?

Alex: I find that is the case. It depends on the country really. In Korea it’s not at all that case; whereas, Christmas is not really a big holiday, it’s mostly between couples, but in North America, for the most part, Christmas is a very family-oriented holiday.

Steve: I should comment that Alex is our resident Korean, right? So, yeah…

Alex: Yeah. Not Korean by race…

Steve: No.

Alex: …but simply by affiliation, we’ll call it.

Steve: Yeah, so family. So have you already bought all your presents for your family members?



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