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#275 – Mark and Alex – Construction

Mark and Alex talk about the construction being done at LingQ Headquarters and about Alex’s experiences working in highrise construction.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Everyday Life
Duration:  11:47


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Mark: We can certainly get to some of your stories, I’m sure. I guess probably the first thing we can do is explain what they’re doing here at our building, because chances are you’ll hear a lot of construction noises in our podcast for the foreseeable future.

Alex: There’s a hammer.

Mark: Yeah, there you go. A little banging, a little authenticity…

Alex: There we go.

Mark: …to the podcast. I think they’re supposed to be working on the building until March-April or the spring at least.

Alex: Yeah, another probably four-five-six months, something like that.

Mark: So it’s something to look forward to for us here for sure, because it’s very annoying all the banging and guys walking by the windows talking loudly and swearing at each other and stuff.



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