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#274 – Mark and Alex – iPhone 4

Mark and Alex talk about the features of the new iPhone 4 and Mark shares his story of how he managed to get one on the first day it came out in Canada.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Web/Tech, Entertainment
Duration:  9:33


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Alex: But, at the same time I can use it at home for a multitude of different applications. There’s so much functionality that’s just built in to the whole system that I can one second be listening to a song and then decide, hey, I want to study my Chinese flashcards and go on to do that and the next minute be thinking of, oh, I wonder, you know, what is the GDP of India.

Mark: Right.

Alex: You know?

Mark: Which happens.

Alex: Yeah and then go in and find that out. You know it’s actually a really neat resource for someone like me who’s kind of an information buff, I guess.

Mark: Yeah. No, it is amazing what it can do and that’s the biggest thing, you know, that separates it from some of the other phones, I think, like the Blackberries and the Androids and so forth, which presumably have similar technology, similar cameras and processors and, I don’t know what, the touch screens and that. But the number of apps that are available on the iPhone and I know we have our own iPhone app at LingQ.

Alex: Two.


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