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#273 – Mark and Alex – New Lesson Page

Mark and Alex talk about the features on the new Lesson page, including QuickLingQ, Notes, and Videos.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Language Learning, LingQ
Duration:  11:21


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Mark: Quick LingQing for sure. I think it’s a big improvement, you know? Certainly it depends. Sometimes I like to use them, sometimes I don’t.

Alex: Yeah.

Mark: Like if the text is shorter and it’s in a language I’m not as familiar with where I’m LingQing a lot of words but I kind of need the context too and there’s maybe a lot of yellow words I want to look up quickly as well then I’ll use the standard LingQing format. But if it’s in a language where there are fewer blue words and I really only need to go through and take off those blue words, I find that Quick LingQing works great.

Alex: And that’s one of things. I mean we put a lot of thought into how we wanted to do this best so that it suited both the users who like seeing the yellow on their text, but also those who like reading it straight through; you know, highlighting and copying and pasting and so on and so forth. So, hopefully we added enough functionality so that we can tailor to both groups.

Mark: Absolutely. And one of the big advantages of the Quick LingQs, I know we always had a lot of people asking us, you know, many of you want to be able to copy and paste the text and you couldn’t. You can’t do that in the standard view, but you can in the Quick LingQ view. So you can go through your Quick LingQs and actually copy and paste from the adjacent text right into your LingQs as you create them. So there are advantages to both ways of doing it. I mean choice, right?


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