#270 steve & alex – a korean and chinese learner stops by – (intermediate)

Steve talks with Alex, a university student in Vancouver who learns Korean and Chinese on LingQ.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Language Learning
Duration:  17:30


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Alex:    My primary purpose is just to get as much exposure to Chinese language and culture as possible.


Steve:   I mean, I think that’s a good strategy because, as I always say, attitude is so important.  So the more positive you are towards the culture and the people the better you’ll learn because you’re not resisting.  You’re just sort of eating it all up.


Alex:    Right.


Steve:   And so, mostly, I’ll tell you, in Beijing it’s not easy to understand them because they speak Beijing, but there’s a lot of “rah, rah, rah”.  That’ll be good.


Alex:    Yeah.


Steve:   That’ll be good.


Alex:    I’ve had a few friends of mine who are also Chinese language learners and pretty much the consensus is that it’s really hard to speak like people in Beijing speak.


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