#267 mark and steve – acupuncturist and politics – (intermediate)

Mark and Steve talk about recent visits to the acupuncturist as well as a variety of other, not necessarily related topics, including politics.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Health, Politics
Duration:  20:01


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Steve:    Speaking of China and growth and stuff, I was in my car on the way back from my appointment downtown.  I was listening to the history of Sweden in Swedish and, so, a number of thoughts kind of went through my mind.  First of all that, really, the quality of, you know, mp3 players is such that, you know, I just plug it into my car radio and I’m listening to this phenomenal audio book on the history of Sweden.  My car is my university lecture hall.


Mark:    Right.


Steve:    It is.


Mark:    Yeah.


Steve:    And, yeah, occasionally, I tune out, so I don’t run over someone.


Mark:    Right.


Steve:    You know?  I mean you can’t be 100% concentrating, but then I thought to myself, when I’m sitting in a lecture hall I’m gazing out the window half the time.  I mean how much do people concentrate in a lecture hall?


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