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7 thoughts on “De LingQ iPhone applicatie

  1. JB

    In my opinion it is a disgrace that Steve still refuses to add Dutch as a language at LingQ(I simply refuse to believe that there is a higher demand for something like Korean!)

  2. Anonymous

    Actually, JB, we had a vote and Korean was the clear winner. It’s astounding to me that you would feel it’s a disgrace that we don’t add Dutch. We have no responsibility to add any language. We may choose to add or not add whatever languages we like on our site.Having said that, Dutch is a language we are considering adding in the near future.

  3. JB

    Mark said: "It’s astounding to me that you would feel it’s a disgrace that we don’t add Dutch. We have no responsibility to add any language."——————————————————————————Of course not. And if you had a bar, it wouldn’t be your "responsibility" to serve drinks to any particular bunch of folks that you didn’t like the look of either. Hey, you could even hang out a big red sign saying "No Irish Polyglots Served Here".It might not always be very good for business though? Haha.

  4. Steve Kaufmann

    Not offering a language like Dutch at LingQ,(yet) is not equivalent to not serving drinks to someone, or to banning someone, as you imply. You might say it is like not stocking Dutch Geneever at our bar because there is little demand. Whether that is a good commercial decision or not is our risk. When you start a business you get to decide these things. Let me know when you start a business.

  5. JB

    LingQ is not a business Steve my old cock. It is your hobby, or better still, your plaything.BTW Benny has declared war on LingQ now. There is only going to be one winner in this fight. And it isn’t going to be you. lol.

  6. Vincent

    I do not think it is a disgrace that Dutch has not been added yet. There was a vote, and Korean turned out to be the winner. I do not know whether the voting was democratic, but we have to accept it.I do think that adding Dutch would be good for your business, if you consider the number of immigrants in the Netherlands/Flanders who need to learn Dutch.

  7. Russ

    Steve Kaufmann is the greatest example of language mastery I know! Besides a well traveled blessing to this world & a great hockey player (Vncvr, CA).

    He us my inspiration & guide to master 11 languages. He had made avail all the languages I am interested in except Danish & Icelandic; yet, that is more my fault as I need to get content up there for Steve to see if this is a possibility.

    Steve’s way of helping us understand exposure & increasing word count is superb & will prevent discouragement this way! I wish my instructors were more like gun in education growing up very interesting & inspiring he us!


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