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#266 Mark & Steve – Ash Cloud – (Intermediate)

Steve tells Mark about his experiences in Europe during the famous Ash Cloud.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Environment
Duration:  19:46


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Mark:    If it was possible for an airline to charge more and provide a full service, you know, great food, whatever, full compensation if you’re inconvenienced, yeah, we charge more but we provide all this, I think if it was possible to do that and make money someone would be doing it.  So, therefore, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.


Steve:    Right.  That’s a good English expression.  Yeah, but, I mean the consumer is the consumer.  As long as the consumer has a choice, but if all the airlines go broke then the consumer won’t have a choice.  There won’t be any airlines flying.


Mark:    It was interesting.  Kate here in the office was saying that a friend of hers had bought a charter ticket.


Steve:    Oh, they’re the worst.


Mark:    They’re the worst, yeah.  So they had a charter bought during that period to go to Europe for a week.  Whether it was flight and hotels or not I don’t know, but they had bought their charter and then they couldn’t go because no flights could go to Europe and apparently they just lost their money.



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