#265 mark & steve – language contest – (intermediate)

Mark and Steve talk about the recently launched language contest at LingQ to decide which language will be added next on the site.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: LingQ, Language Learning
Duration:  19:46


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Steve:    But, you know, it is interesting.  Like if you took a course in something you would know 20 people in your class.  Now, with the Internet, people are reaching out across the world to people and saying let’s get behind getting Cantonese launched on this language-learning site so that they’re involved in actually helping make a course of study available.


I was looking at our forum today and one of the new members, who was studying one of our new sort of introductory lessons, you know, where they can get the free discussion and everything else and they had a problem.  They said I did this and this happened.  What do I do now?  Please help.  And like three people are on there very quickly.  So you’ve got this community of learners helping you when you run into a problem.  In a classroom, yeah, you could ask the person beside you, but here you can ask the world.


Mark:    Plus, if you’re not in your class and you’re doing your homework who do you ask.


Steve:    Right, it’s extraordinary.  And now that I have my iPod Touch I’m just in seventh heaven.  I mean it’s amazing that I can just carry my little flashcards around with me and take advantage of dead time.  Waiting for my wife at the airport the other day, I’m sitting there working with my flashcards and I got into trouble because she walked through, you know, where all the passengers come out.  And I was making a point of, you know, looking up every 30 seconds just so I wouldn’t miss her.


Mark:    Thirty seconds or so, I guess, obviously.


Steve:    I thought I saw everybody walking out, but I missed her.  And so she walked through and she’s wandering around and she doesn’t see me.  By the time she found me — 15 minutes later — she was mad and I’m still hearing about it.



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