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#264 Mark & Steve – Homes – (Intermediate)

Mark and Steve talk about homes; the way they are built and designed in North America compared to elsewhere in the world.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Culture
Duration: 18:05


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For an excerpt from the podcast, click below:

Steve:    I remember in Japan, some years ago, when we were comparing house designs in different countries and we explained that in North America it’s quite common to have a kitchen counter and that way things can be passed over to either eat on the counter or eat at the table and the Japanese couldn’t understand that because, from their point of view, the wife should bring the food out from the kitchen.


Mark:    And the kitchen is kind of tucked away and hidden.


Steve:    Tucked away somewhere, but I think all of these things change.


Mark:    Oh, for sure.  I mean I think it used to be the case here where the kitchen was more of a separate room.  But the one thing that you do find is that if you have a party, whether your kitchen opens out on a…our kitchen is quite open, but even if it isn’t, people tend to gravitate toward the kitchen.


Steve:    Right.


Mark:    People always end up in the kitchen.


Steve:    Absolutely.


Mark:    Which is, I think, how this type of living came about or this type of design came about.  Because people want to be in the kitchen, so why not make the kitchen part of the living area.



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