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4 thoughts on “Una maravillosa technologia

  1. Steve Kaufmann

    Here is the link. It does not seem to want to work. Let’s try again.0qgvfIs?f=videos&c=ytapi-iLikeInc-iLike-1493oebb-0&d=AbzsdEu9A2kwQxMBPfYLdoQO88HsQjpE1a8d1GxQnGDm&app=youtube_gdata

  2. Alexei Vinidiktov

    The link still doesn’t work. What domain does it point to? What’s the title of the page it points to?

  3. Steve Kaufmann

    I have posted the link as I received it in an email. I have asked the person who sent me the link.


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