tell me your english problems

Are you an English learner?  Would the following idea be of interest?


You tell me your English problems: the words and phrases in English that give you trouble, (email or comment right here on the blog).


I will make two lessons per week that use some of these words and phrases, one easy and one more difficult.


Each lesson will have both an MP3 file, and the text, for you to download.


Each lesson will appear in the LingQ library.


Let me know what you think.


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4 thoughts on “Tell me your English problems

  1. Vera

    Hi Steve, nice idea. I have difficulties with "either" and "rather". I know the meaning but I never use these words because I’m feeling not comfortable with them. Maybe some phrases and a short explanation in which case I could use them or not could be helpful.

  2. Steve Kaufmann

    Learners’ English problems -Steve’s lessons – the list grows. Respected respective; either rather; prepositions. Any more?

  3. Jonathan Pufal

    Hello, I once had a lot of trouble with the th sound, now it’s OK.My sister doesn’t know how to pronounce it right, my question is, is that wrong to say "something" with that "t" sound, because I heard a lot of americans saying so and it isn’t wrong for them, but once a foreigner says so it’s the most wrong thing in the world. Thanks.

  4. Mardoms

    I think my writing is very bad. And I didn’t find many options to practise my english (mainly with other people). Then I was thinking if you can make some kind of exercise to improve the writing.


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