rosetta stone roi (return on investment) versus other solutions?

Rosetta Stone claims to be the fastest way to learn a new language. I just heard their ad on TV.


What is the average ROI (return on investment) for a Rosetta Stone purchase?Is it possible to add up all the money spent by people who buy the system, and compare that to the number of learners who continue long enough to learn a new language. I wonder how  the return on the investment in a Rosetta Stone system compares with the return on investment in other language learning solutions including schools, books and online options like LingQ. Some third party should do a study, in the public interest.


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2 thoughts on “Rosetta Stone ROI (return on investment) versus other solutions?

  1. cabral

    strange comment. I know Rosetta Stone is the bully on the block here but would prefer posts focused on Lingq innovation rather than industry frustration.

  2. Gerrit

    I think you are speaking the truth. People will do and say anything when there’s money involved. I just find it strange that so many people at Amazon don’t think Rosetta is the best for newbies, since they think the course is to advance for new learners. Just my observation…


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