#24 anders & andré – in praise of denmark’s idleness

André and Anders talk about the varying reactions to the swine flu in Scandinavian countries. Whereas in Sweden it has been portrayed by some media as the new black plague, in Denmark they seem to be dealing with it as just a regular cold, nothing to worry about. The podcast quickly escalates into a blatant tribute to the laid back country of Denmark.

André och Anders diskuterar det faktum att svininfluensans allvar porträtterats olika bland de nordiska länderna. Där man i Sverige ibland framställt det som att den nya pesten är här tycks man i Danmark inta en mer avslappnad attityd. Podcasten eskalerar snart till en ohämmad hyllning av det avslappnade landet Danmark.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category:  Culture
Duration:  11:30

Click here to see the full transcript of this podcast.

Click here to listen to Anders & André on Denmark’s Idleness.

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