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Coaching hockey

This past Saturday I had to spend the whole day at a coaches seminar for the British Columbia Amateur Hockey Association. Since I made the decision to coach my son’s team of 6-year olds I am required to complete this 1 day course. Only in Canada could a seminar that could have been a thirty minute meeting with a handout become an all day event with speakers droning on giving completely useless advice. You would think that the fact that I have been playing hockey my whole life, and spent 10 years at a professional level would have excused me from this torture but unfortunately that was not the case. Let’s just say that I wasn’t happy giving up my Saturday for that. Anyway it’s done and now I just have one more two hour session to put up with. At least for a few more years. They sure do their best to discourage qualified coaches from volunteering.

Today was a much better day with a hockey practice for the kids in the morning and then a game of touch football with my friends in the afternoon.

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